සොදුරු සුයාමය. (චන්දි කොඩිකාර)

කතා පොතක්

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  1. Anun mahansi wela Upload karapu books thaman karapu ekak wage daana lajja nadda aththatama?
    You should be ashamed of yourself?
    Upload books by your own effort.
    Chathura can you give an explanation for publishing stolen books????????

  2. Hello anonymus we can say the same thing to u, have u ever take permission from the author?
    Reading is a beautiful thing.. At least this guy Chathura is sharing with people unlike you guys with little people like you write the damn thing

  3. Theres no any saying that this book has been uploaded from Chathura. He only has a collection of ebooks collected from everywhere and gathered together where the people like us who is interesting to read can download. The ones who cant bear this good work its better to keep your unaccepted work to be sealed.

  4. this is Sl nah. So no wonder. there r two sides of this matter. the ppl who originally upload the books should put their own water mark so tht even though someone download it and upload it somewhere, then it is visible that it is not an original scan copy. any ways thnx for uploading books. hope u will upload some good translations other than supid sloppy love stories like books of sujeewa prasanna aarachchi. some grt books are there by W>A> silva, Jayasena jayakodi, karunasena jayalath.

  5. @Chathura: me novel eke part 2 hoyala dennako.ekath publish welalu thiyenne. Puluwannam loku deyak...

  6. Chathura, machan umba oya pissu huyannala kiyana moda katha ganan ganne nathuwa me wade digatama karagena yaman. Umbata pin apita kiyawanna poth kohen hari hoyala dena ekata. Methana me kohewath inna ballo tikak awilla hariyata un liyala thiyena poth wage kiyawanna enawa ewa unge kiyala. Pissu yakku. Hariyata un hari wadak karanawa wage. Unuth waradi wade karanne unge keepa denekta witharak deeganna. Ewa internet eken aragena hamoma ekka bedaganna umba wage kollan wa aththata ma agaya karanawa machan. Chathura umbata sthoothiyi. Digata ma me wade karan palayan.