දුක දැරුවා නම් ඈ යසෝධරා. (තරංගා දිසානායක)

කතා පොතක්

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  1. This book is from SL - Unlimited site which I myself uploaded. Don't do such things.

  2. Ano
    I don't know u. But this gentleman didnt steel your book. He did just simple favour for us. We all can read the book now. Just be simply happy for him. On the other hand If he did something wrong I am kindly asking please sorry for him.
    Because he is our friend:)

  3. what u r saying stealing others books is a good thing. i'm shocked to hear that and really disappointed about you (kumari) and the up-loader.
    If he's doing a favor to you all the good thing was to take the permission from the real person who uploaded it and do the favor.

  4. Chathura pothak thawa thanakin aragena dana eka hoda naha. namuth ratin pita inna api wage ayata sinhala novel ekak balanna labena ekama kramaya meka thamai.e nisa waradi widihata wataha ganna epa oya puluwannam e ayage link ekath danna.ano oyath chathurath dennama karanne apita loku udawwak dennatama thanks